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There are 80,000 Jewish people and 1.5 million Gentiles living in Hungary’s capital city. From the end of July to the middle of August our team of seventeen CWI staff and volunteers partnered with Jews for Jesus to share the gospel on the streets of Budapest. We thank God for the hundreds of people who responded positively!


By the time the outreach ended, a staggering 340,000 gospel leaflets had been handed out, and 107 Jewish people and 475 Gentiles gave their contact details, keen to know more about Jesus. On top of that, 8 Jewish people as well as 58 Gentiles made professions of faith on the streets!


Here are a few accounts of those who responded:


Hungarian Holocaust survivor comes to faith

Susanna is 93-years old and has lived in Budapest all her life. She survived the Holocaust when, tragically, everyone else in her immediate Jewish family perished. Now physically frail and confined to a wheelchair, Susanna’s mind is still clear and she has a Christian friend who took her to our Israeli folk dancing evangelistic event. Susanna enjoyed the music and testimonies but when team member Barbara told her of the love of Jesus and his promise of eternal life to those who repent and put their trust in him, Susanna gave her life to him. Please pray for Susanna and for those who are helping her to grow in her new-found faith in Jesus.


A change of heart

Gershon, a young Hungarian Jew, listened intently as Paula explained that Jesus is the Passover lamb who died for our sins and rose from the grave. He took a gospel tract but wouldn’t give Paula his contact details so that they could continue the discussion.

Several days later, however, in another part of the city, Gershon approached Paula again and initiated a conversation. Paula explained once again that Jesus the Messiah died for the sins of his people and rose from the grave, but stressing that we need to ask him for forgiveness. Right then and there, Gershon prayed to receive Messiah as his Lord and Saviour before providing his complete contact details for follow up! Please pray that Gershon’s faith will grow as he looks to Jesus, the Lamb of God.


Jew-hater led to the Lord by Jewish woman!

’I hate the Jews!’ Roland shouted angrily as Kata was handing out tracts.

‘What about Jesus? Do you hate him? Or do you love him?’

Kata’s unexpected response stopped Roland in his tracks. As they talked together and she explained the gospel to him, Roland’s attitude softened. When, finally, Kata invited him to receive Jesus as his Saviour, Roland did so!

A man who, only a short time before, expressed hatred for the Jewish people was now praying with a Jewish woman to receive the Jewish Messiah as his Lord!

Roland’s original attitude is not unusual in Hungary and not everyone was pleased to see the CWI/JFJ team proclaiming the gospel on the streets of the capital city. Some members of our group were physically assaulted and spat at, and a large skinhead attempted to rip the shirt off another team member while proclaiming himself a Nazi!

A young girl insisted that the Jewish people were solely responsible for killing Jesus, while claiming she did not need Jesus as a sacrifice for sins since she had never sinned. She brought the conversation with a team member to an end by angrily storming off when hearing about God’s love for her.

Please pray for these many angry people, that the gospel seeds planted by our presence and witness will come to fruition and that they will come to put their trust in the King of the Jews. Pray that as Roland is followed up he will grow in his understanding and faith in the Messiah.


As a result of your gifts and prayers huge numbers of people heard the gospel.  We are grateful to God that many of them prayed with members of our team to receive Jesus.



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