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Great news
from Berlin & Budapest


Berlin & Budapest Summer Outreaches 2016


A big thank you to those of you who supported and prayed for our teams of CWI missionaries and

volunteers as they took to the streets of Berlin and Budapest in July as part of our joint summer

outreaches with Jews for Jesus. We are praising God for those who heard about Jesus, received

literature and responded by making professions of faith! Over 300,000 tracts were handed out and five Jewish people professed faith in Jesus while 140 gave their details so that they can be followed up by our missionaries. Please pray for all those who heard about Jesus this summer and for those involved in the follow up work.



‘Do you love Jesus?’

Amos, a young Israeli in his twenties was with his friends when he was approached by one of our mission team, Paula, in one of Berlin’s large public squares.


When Paula asked Amos who he thought Jesus was, Amos admitted he didn’t know. But he was willing to listen as Paula explained about the Passover lamb and how Jesus is ‘the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world’.


As the conversation continued, Amos’s friends tried to discourage him from talking. Despite his friends’ opposition, he went on to pray with Paula to receive Jesus as his Saviour! As they parted he took a Hebrew New Testament and gave his details so that he could be followed up and discipled.


But the story didn’t end there… Several days later Paula was sharing Jesus in a different  part of Berlin and by God’s grace bumped into Amos and his friends. Paula challenged him in front of his friends by asking, ‘Is Jesus in your heart and do you love Him?’ Despite the mocking of his friends, Amos responded with a positive, ‘Yes!’ They hugged and Paula prayed with Amos that he would follow Jesus with his whole heart, strength, soul and mind.


Pray that Amos will continue to follow Jesus and also that his testimony of a changed life will be a powerful witness to both his friends and his Jewish family.



Never judge a book by its cover

Our missionary based in Bulgaria was handing out tracts in one of Berlin’s public squares when he saw a woman watching him from a distance which led to an unexpected encounter...


I saw a woman staring at me, smoking nervously. She looked really disheveled, like one of the women often seen begging on the streets of my home country, Bulgaria. As she approached me, I half expected to be asked for some money. Based on her appearance, I actually thought she was Bulgarian but I soon found out you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


Cynthia greeted me nervously before telling me she was Jewish and was interested in the outreach T-Shirt I was wearing and asked me what I was doing. Inside, I was thanking the Lord! She was an Israeli living in America but had come to Berlin to trace her roots. She moved to America to escape the insecurity of Israel but had concluded that the entire world was a place of insecurity, Berlin included. I agreed before going on to tell her about the only One in whom we can find true security, the Prince of Peace himself.


She was very interested so as our conversation drew to a close I asked her whether I could send her some literature on the subject. She was very keen and told me she was seeking answers. She gave me her details along with a link to her website. When I looked her up on the internet I was surprised to  find out that she was a famous artist who also has won awards for  films she has directed!


Please pray that Cynthia will soon come to know what it means to have eternal security in Jesus.



A spiritual fix

Daniel, a volunteer from the UK, had the privilege of praying with a young Jewish man to receive the Lord during the Budapest outreach. While walking through a park in Budapest with Jesse, another team member, the pair came across a Jewish man named Kristof sitting on a bench.


They struck up a conversation with him by asking him who he thought Jesus is but the focus of the conversation quickly shifted as Kristof began telling them about how hard his life had been and how he had tried to deaden the pain of his problems with drink and drugs. Daniel was able to tell him about his own experience with such things, having a young cousin who is currently critically ill as a result of substance abuse.


Bringing the conversation back to Kristof’s main spiritual problem, Daniel took the opportunity to explain the gospel to him while Jesse went on to share his testimony. As they continued to speak about Jesus, the Lord graciously opened Kristof’s heart and he went on to put his trust in the Messiah for salvation!


Please pray that as Kristof is followed up by our missionary based in Budapest, he will develop a strong relationship with the One who alone can meet every physical and spiritual need.



Introducing Messiah

Our missionary based in Budapest was handing out tracts when she bumped into a believer who was going through hard times. Our missionary shared how God had been good to her when times were tough and the man responded by praying for Bogi, asking God to bless her ministry and the outreach. That prayer was answered minutes later…


Benjamin, a young Orthodox Jewish man, was standing in the square with one of our leaflets in his hand. I asked him what he thought of it and he replied, ‘I am Jewish’. Benjamin had some experience of Christianity but told me that he didn’t really know what to make of it. I showed him how Jesus fulfilled the ancient prophecies recorded in the Scriptures about Israel’s Messiah and how other so-called ‘messiahs’ fell short.


After we spoke a while, I invited him to a special event we were holding in a nearby Jewish cultural centre – an exhibition of scenes from Matthew’s Gospel by a messianic Jewish artist. He seemed very interested and when I mentioned the venue it turned out he was working there and he promised to come along! He also gave me his contact details so we could continue the conversation. Please pray that as I follow up with Benjamin, he will come to know the Messiah for himself.





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