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from Amsterdam


Amsterdam Summer Outreach 2017


From the end of July to the middle of August our team of 34 CWI missionaries and volunteers from seven nations hit the streets of Amsterdam to share the Good News of Jesus with Jewish people. Many were drawn   by our brightly colored t-shirts which asked the question ‘Mi Hu' (Who is He?) in Hebrew, opening the door for conversations about the Messiah.


We thank God that he enabled us to distribute a gospel leaflet to every home in the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam – totaling over 15,000. We were also able to hand out over 7,000 gospel tracts. We were astounded to be able to have gospel conversations with over 5,000 Jewish people, most of whom were Israelis who now live in Amsterdam or were there visiting as tourists.


Now that the outreach is over, please pray for the ongoing witness of our missionary based in Holland and his local team of volunteers as  they continue to  share Jesus with Amsterdam and its  Jewish community.




Orthodox Jewish press shares the message of Jesus

After distributing leaflets to every home in Amsterdam’s Jewish district, we followed up with door- to-door visits. With that, as well as our presence on the streets and in the main city square, our witness did not go unnoticed by the local Jewish press. In an attempt to warn Amsterdam’s Jewish community about us, articles were posted online on prominent Orthodox Jewish websites to alert them to our presence and our message.


In reporting on our outreach, they used images of our gospel leaflets which included quotes of Jesus from the New Testament. They also advertised the evangelistic website we had set up for  the outreach with video testimonies of Jewish believers in Jesus. We rejoice that through their unintentional help many more Jewish people were able to engage with the gospel message!




When Messiah comes…

While on the streets doing evangelism, one of our missionaries met a woman who was sad and mourning that it was the Jewish festival of Tisha B’Av, which falls on the anniversary of the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem, and reminds Jewish people to pray and hope that Messiah will return soon and rebuild the third temple.


Our missionary explained how the Bible teaches that the Messiah has already come and suffered for the sins of Israel and the world, and that he will come again to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.


He left her by encouraging her to read Isaiah 53 and consider who the prophet was talking about. She said she had never read it before but would do so that night when she got home. Please pray that, as she reads the Scriptures, this woman will come to meet the One who was pierced for our transgressions.



When Messiah comes…

One of our Israeli CWI missionary began sharing with a Bible teacher from Israel who taught the Tanakh (Old Testament) to children in their religious studies lessons.


When our missionary asked her if she knew how we can achieve peace with God, the woman had no answer. He shared the Good News with her and explained that the word ‘Shalom’ comes from the same root as the word ‘Shalem’ which means ‘to pay in full’. He told her that Jesus was the One who literally paid for peace by giving his life for the sins of his people so that we can have peace with God. She told our missionary that despite the fact that she was a teacher of religion, she had never heard this before.


The Bible teacher took some gospel literature in Hebrew and promised that she would watch the Jewish testimonies on the evangelistic outreach website. Pray that as she does, she will come to profess Jesus as Saviour and Lord.



Anger gives way to the gospel

An Israeli Orthodox woman handed a post-it note for the board to one of our CWI missionaries with a big smile on her face, asking whether he could speak Hebrew. He couldn’t, but our Head of Ministry, who was standing next to him could. She was extremely embarrassed when he read the note out - an offensive, expletive-containing insult for the team about their faith in Jesus.


Her attitude suddenly changed and she asked them not to post the note. He told her that they weren’t afraid of people who had a difference of opinion and that they were simply there to share the wonderful news that the Messiah came to Israel for the salvation of Jewish people so that they could be a light to the nations. The woman protested that she is Jewish and so can’t believe in Jesus. Our Head of Ministry explained that Jesus was also Jewish... and the promised Jewish Messiah.


The woman and her friend reappeared an hour later. She apologized again for her rude message and then she and the original missionary had another discussion about Jesus. The note, which remained on the board, opened the opportunity for conversations about Jesus with a lot of other Israelis who stopped to read the board, many of whom expressed disappointment over the sentiment of the note. Please pray that this Orthodox Jewish woman, having heard about Jesus, will turn and put her trust in him for salvation.





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